Week 5 Story: The Streets

The StreetsTyrone and Sasha were a very loving couple and have gone through a lot together. They were together when Tyrone was arrested and sent away to live on his own. Tyrone and Sasha were together when Sasha was kidnapped by her crazy ex-boyfriend. This may have been one of the worst tragedies this couple has faced. However, through it all, they have stayed together and have managed to keep their relationship intact. This was until the rumors had started. Many rumors were surfacing that Sasha was not kidnapped by her crazy ex-boyfriend, but that she had left on her own accord to be with him. Tyrone did not want to believe the rumors and so he did what any man would do. Tyrone made a secret plan to test her. He decided he would have his friend slide in her DMS to see if she was loyal. To Tyrone's surprise, she had passed the test with flying colors. His friend did all he could to shoot his shot but in the end, she still turned him down. Tyrone felt guilty and even ended up tell…

Reading Notes - The Divine Archer Part B

Ramanaya -The Divine ArcherAuthor: F. J. Gould (1911)
Part B: Rama slays Vali with an arrowWord is told to Hanuman who is running a search party for Rama that she is in LankaHanuman reaches Lanka and gives her Ramas ring and informs her Rama is comingRavana sets Hanumans to tell on fire which ends up causing Lanka to go up in flamesHanuman returns to camp with a jewel given by SitaVibishana goes to Rama's side and preparations for war beginRama takes the advice of the ocean god and builds a bridge to LankaThere are days of battle and Lakshmana is injured during a battleThe god Indra gives Rama a chariot as well as weaponsWith the help of India’s bow, Ravana is slain by RamaRama tells Sita she must prove her fidelity by walking through fireAfter walking through unscathed Rama and Sita embrace each otherEven after the test of fire Rama listens to the gossip of the people and sends her into exileAfter many years there is a special horse sacrifice where twins recite the story of RamaRam…

Reading Notes - The Divine Archer Part A

Ramanaya - The Divine ArcherAuthor: F. J. Gould (1911)
Part A: Birth of the four sons to Dasharatha by his three queensRama is the greatest amongst the four brothersThe King lets Rama go to help Vishvamitra defeat demonsSita and Rama fall in love at first sightTo win Sita's hand Rama must bend the bow of the god ShivaRama bends the bow until it breaksParashurama is a rival suitor and is angry about hearing someone broke Shivas bowParas. Challenges Rama to string the Vishnu’s bow Rama does so with ease and earns his respect/honorRama as well as his four brothers all get married on the same dayThere are plans for Rama to become the successor to the kingManthara manipulates the queen (mother of Bharata) to oppose Rama She is owed two wishes so the King obeys and Bharata becomes the successor and Rama is exiled for 14 yearsSita and Lakshmana insist on going into exile with RamaThe king foreshadows that Rama's exile is to fulfill a life long curse caused by one of his mistakes The ki…

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Week 4 Lab: Writers Write Notes

Week 4 LabI decided to browse the writer's write website for my week 4 lab. After browsing the website for a while there were two articles that stuck out to me the most. Both had useful tips for story writing which will be very helpful for this class. Here are some of the notes I took on the two:The Super Simple Story Structure & How to Use ItThe story structure was broke down into 5 distinguishable parts. One of the first was your goal and they had featured the question "what does the protagonist want more than anything. This is important as you want your protagonist to have a clear end goal and the audience can have something to cheer on toward the finish line. The next part of the structure was the plan which basically means to make sure your audience understands why the protagonist chose the strategy they do to reach their goal. The third part of the structure is "stakes", which is actually two parts. This allows for the story to be enticing if the protagoni…

Reading Notes - Ramayana PART D

Ramanaya Online: Public Domain EditionAuthor: Multiple
Part D: King of the ocean helped Rama form a bridge to cross the ocean to get to LankaRavana tried tricking Sita into thinking Rama was deadRavanas son Indra fights the monkey Rama Rakshasas wake Ravanas demon brother and send him towards the monkey armyIndra enters the battle and killed a lot of monkeys but they were being healed by the herbs released when Hanuman threw the mountain Indra like his father can create illusions, so he tries to trick Rama into thinking Sita is deadLakshmana kills Indra and Ravana gets revenge by attacking Laksh. And stabbing him in the heartLakshmana was healed and rescued by HanuA sage named Aga appeared and told Rama how Ravana could be defeatedRama shot one of Ravanas heads off but another grew backRama used the celestial flaming weapon he obtained from Brahma and killed RavanaAfter the battle, Rama and Sita face another hardshipRama believes that Ravana has tainted Sita and that she should marry so…

Reading Notes - Ramayana PART C

Ramanaya Online: Public Domain EditionAuthor: Multiple
Part C:
Rama and Lakshmana set out to find Sugriva for his protection. Hanuman takes themVali destroyed his younger brother Sugriva’s life. Sugriva asks Rama for help to confront his older brother in battleTara is Vali’s wife and she asks Vali not to battle Sugriva because she knows of Ramas powerRama ambushes Vali from the bushes and kills him with an arrowFollowing Valis death, Sugriva is appointed from prince to king and everyone mourns their late kingSugriva tells Rama he will help him find Sita but they must wait for the end of the rainy seasonRama is still exiled so he cannot enter any cityThe rainy season ended. Rama receives the help from Sugriva who sends four armies looking for SoitaSimpatico informs them that Sita is being held captive on the island of LankaHanuman battles the Rakshasi and defeats himHanuman finds Sita but she is being guarded by Rakshasis
Rakshasis guarding Sita.
(Source: PDE Ramayana) Hanuman approaches Si…